MovieBox Pro APK for Android, iOS and PC Download

MovieBox Pro APK for Android, iOS and PC Download

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MovieBox App is an online multimedia app that host millions of streams related to the latest Movies, Tv Shows, Sports Channels and video clips. The MovieBox office APK, is supported across all the famous platforms like PC, Android, iOS, iPhone, Mac and LED TV’s.

MovieBox Pro App and Showbox Pro APP APK is the name of the same app. For Android the MovieBox App is called as ShowBox and for iOS devices, it is called as the MovieBox Plus HD App. Both of these apps have the same content coverage and databases and both has the same working interface and theme. So, the next time you want to download, then search movie box for the iOS App and Showbox for the Android App.

What is MovieBox HD Plus for Free Movies?

If you are looking for free movies and TV-Shows on the internet, you might have come across sites that would require you to pay a subscription or a membership fee. But you knew there is a better deal out there and you can watch any movie for free in HD quality. So, you kept searching and find some free sites that were filled up with popup ads, that made the movie watching experience, let’s just say, not so great.

You might be frustrated by now, and wondering to yourself, is there any app that can stream, unlimited free movies, Sports and TV serial Channels on my Android, iOS, PC and Smart TV device? well, if you feel that way then worry you no more, as Moviebox and Showbox App, is the perfect solution to this problem.

The Mobile App will let you browse through thousands of categories, channels and trending videos. All of that without any Ad or subscription and registration. Just install the application on your Device and enjoy the Cinema experience in your home free of charge.

How the App works?

MovieBox is like Google. Google Crawls websites from all over the internet and sort them out in useful order for its users. MovieBox App works on the same principle, instead of websites, it crawls High Quality HD and 4K video streams from all round the internet.

MovieBox online Pro HD Features iOS, PC and Android

Here are the best features of the MovieBox PRO APK that makes the app super useful;

Latest Movies- Latest movies and TV-shows are readily available. Whenever a new movie or a Serial episode is released, the app automatically crawls its latest streams from the internet. There is no need to search, as the app will do it all for you in a matter of seconds. The App will save a lot of your time. So, if you came home tired from work and want something refreshing and stimulating, then just open the movie-box APK and write the name of your favorite movie, in the search bar to enjoy instant HD cinema streams free of charge.

Various Movie Specific Genres– Some people like a specific type of genre movies and tv-shows. For Example, if a person like to watch horror movies, then he can just go to categories page and search for the genre “horror”. MovieBox will list all the movies and tv-shows related to this genre. They can them sort the movies by year, name, size and quality, etc.,

Full HD and 4K Ultra HD streams- A lot of apps like Mobdro, teatv, tubi tv, Vidmate etc., provide streams that consume a lot of data. But with MovieBox HD APK, people can download streams in various qualities from SD to 4K ultra HD. Vidmate has a huge database of Streams, but the movie streams are very heavy, which puts a lot of strain on a mobile device internal storage. MovieBox Streams are High quality and less in size. This feature means the streams downloads faster and more quickly.

Download and share Movies for Free- Sharing and downloading movies to any device is also very convenient. The downloads are high speed and utilize the maximum connection speed of your device. If for any reason a download is broken the app will automatically repair it, the next time you try.

MovieBox for iOS, PC and Android- MovieBox is a very versatile app, that is made to supports firesticks, google chrome-cast, Smart OLED TV’s, Android, iPhone and even PC and iMac. However, the App is not available in iTunes or Google Play-store. So, to download, click on the download button at the end of this post.

Stay on top of your favorite streams- This function is very useful, to keeping tab on your favorite TV-Shows. You will never miss your favorite Episode or Movie again as the MovieBox will notify you on your phone, whenever a stream is available of your chosen show.

AD-Free Clean Interface and UI experience- The User interface of the program is very clean and pleasant. The animations and smoothness were also top notch and it was very delightful experience to us the fluidness of browsing through and navigating favorite apps.

MovieBox Pro Downlaod and Install with Appvalley, EMUS4U, TutuApp, Vshare- No Root and JailBreak, iOS, Android

MovieBox Pro App can be downloaded for free from the safe sources like Appvalley, EMUS4U, Panda Helper, TutuApp, Vshare without root or Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad, iOS 10, 11, 12 and Android.

If you don’t know, how you can download and install the app for Android and iOS, then I will help you here. Just follow these steps and you can run the moviebox APK on any device.


MovieBox Pro online Plus APK is a Paid subscription base Service. We can use it for free on iOS and Android, without any jailbreak or Root with the Apps like App-valley, TutuApp and Vshare.

  • Download any of these App first, install them on your device.
  • After the installation process, search for the MovieBox Pro and download the Plus version for free.
  • Install and enjoy bountiful entertainment free of charge.

Is MovieBox legal?

Yes, the App is legal, as long as your country has not restricted the app specifically.

How do I download MovieBox Pro for free on Android?

To download the Pro version for free, we need iOS and Android Helper and a utility like TweakBox, Appvalley, TutuApp, EMUS4U, etc.,

How do you trust movie box app?

During the installation process, you will be prompted to “Trust or Allow” the Application on your device. In order to solve that problem, we need to go into the settings menu of our iOS and Android device. After we are there, we need to locate the moviebox app and allow it the necessary trust certificate, by ticking on the Trust Box.

So, Check the Box and you are ready to use the app safely.

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