Download Aptoide for iOS (iPhone & iPad) 2020

Aptoide Apkpure Apk

Download Aptoide for iOS 2019 is an APPLE Store alternative that supports iPhone, IPAD AIR and Mini. The APP is totally free and provide huge database of Paid and Free Apps without jailbreak and other unsafe methods. The APP is in direct competition with APPLE STORE with monthly searches of 14 million as compared to 3 million of APPLE’S.

The iPhone and iOS user just adore the APTOIDE APP on their devices. APTOID has millions of apps readily available for download with just a click. We all know that Apple’s APP store is very expensive and provide some limited apps. You cannot watch movies free with any other app on iOS except Netflix.

Download Aptoide for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

With APTOIDE TV iOS, you can stream HD Movies and TV-Shows on your IDEVICES. APPLE Play-store doesn’t have a huge diversity of games. Games like MINERCRAFT, GTA-5 on iOS are very expensive. But with APTOID iOS, you can download any game you want.


In APTOD iOS, people can create and manage their own store. They list IAP, IPA for iPhone and iPAD. When a purchase will be made, the sale commission of up to 15 % goes to the Store owner. I think this is the feature that is making APPSTORE popular. On top of it, the app is a total freeware and runs without Jailbreak on iOS. If you want to download the app, then I have shared the link here.


  • Provide third Party Apps, that installs without any problems or additional steps.
  • There is no sign-up process required. so just search the app you want and enjoy the fast, trouble-free experience without any hiccups.
  • The App makes user experience friendly and Clean by removing the in-app ads. So, say goodbye for good, on those annoying Ads and Popups.
  • You can choose the APP version yourself. If for example, you like the older version of an app then the new one, you can downgrade easily by installing the later version through the list.
  • Uninstalling the apps from device is very simple. The apps are removed completely without any traces. This feature helps the performance of your device.
  • Apple app store consume a lot of data and bandwidth for iPhone and iPad. Sometimes the devices become very slow. This is not the issue with APPTOIDE as the app is optimized for low end devices. The App also has an APTOIDE LITE VERSION, that is faster and runs on older iOS devices.
  1. First download the APTOIDE IPA, iOS from the following link
  2. After downloading the file, install the IPA file on your iOS device.
  3. Before installing you have to turn on the option “Allow installation from Unknown sources”
  4. Within a few moments you will be finished with the installation process for iOS.
  5. Now go to device setting and check the option “trust APTOIDE iOS” in your device management menu.

After that, just run the installed file on your iPhone and IPAD and enjoy free APPS and Games like WEEZY SMS, APTOIDE premium version, slither.io, CYBERGHOST VPN, MINECRAFT, LUCKY PATCHER, etc.,

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