Aptoide Apk Download v9.6.6.1 For Android

Aptoide Apk Download v9.6.6.1 For Android

Aptoide Apkpure Apk

Aptoide Apk Download for iOS, PC, and Android is a Google Play-store alternative, that supports all platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Laptop and windows. The APP is not completely identical to google play-store, as each user can make its own store on APTOIDE. They Can upload their files on APTOIDE local server. The Server then Scans the files from any type of Viruses or Malware and then list it on its site.

has a lot of subversions, that suits a wide range of devices and audiences like AP TOIDE for smartphones, PC, Firestick, smart tv’s, for Kids and for VR.  host open source, Free-ware, Freemium and Paid Games for Free on its Servers. Anyone can download and install APTOIDE apps on their device safely.


APTOIDE APK for PC Latest version is a free app that doesn’t require any sign-ups or memberships. Just open the AP TOIDE app on your PC and download any APK, you want free of charge. The App is completely safe and all the files you request for download, are scanned for viruses first and then allowed to download on your device.

You can also make your own store and share your own apps on A PTOIDE marketplace. You will find it very beneficial when you can earn money by creating your own store. Whenever a user will buy anything from IAP APP, you will be paid 15% of the cut. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes, as there is zero investment required for starting your own store.

Now, Download an Android Emulator, Such as BLUE-STACKS, Andy, etc., from this link. After downloading install the APP on your PC.

Now, open and install AP TOIDE APK from the file manager of Blue-stacks.

After installation, you are ready to download any of your favorite games and apps such as APTOIDE Minecraft and SHOWBOX, on your PC.


If you are looking for APTOID APP for MAC, you can download the APK file from here:

The rest of the process about installation and downloading is the same as for PC. Just download any Android Emulator for MAC and run the APK file, you have downloaded in the above step. Once you will install the APP, you can enjoy thousands of apps free of charge and free from any restrictions.


The APPTOIDE INSTALLER for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, is an app that provides paid and free apps on iOS, that is not available in APPLE’s Store. A lot of people are tired of the restrictions and constrictions of the apple store. They may be frustrated for not finding the apps that they need in their daily lives.

A lot of people are also tired of the expensive apps, that just wants money and in-app purchases. APTOIDE is their ultimate solution. The APP provides APP Market that provides millions of apps free of charge on iOS. For downloading the APP iOS 2019, just click on the link below.

If you want to download APPTOIDE APP APK, on Android and Samsung Smartphone, then you can download the Free APK from the following link. The reason, I am providing you with this app is because of the limitation and insecurity of the google play store.

On Google Play-Store, there are a lot of apps on Play-Store, that doesn’t let the user know the permissions when they install the app. Also, the Play-store is filled with apps that are very expensive and difficult to purchase. Free APPS contain excessive Ad-ware in them, that affects the user experience.

Apptoide is free from all these annoyances, as the app regularly provide paid apps for free with many features. The main reason people download the APK is that there are a lot of apps that are not available on Play-store, such MOBDRO PRO, SHOWBOX and MINECRAFT Premium. So, the Appstore is very precious and unique in this feature.


As we all know Google Play-store is consumes a lot of storage and resources of any smartphones. There are also apps available, that have been removed from google play store, although they were very popular among Android users. So, if you are searching for those removed apps, that are free from ADWARE, then Ap toide lite, is the app for you.

APtod Lite is a solution to slow internet connection and low memory storage. So, if you are suffering from those issues and don’t want to put Load on your device, then just download APTOIDE LITE APK 2019 on your PC, Windows, iOS, and Android.


APPTOIDE is considered fairly safe as it uses a default location for storing main files. The APP is also safe in the sense that, it lets a user know the app permissions on your device before installing any app.

Apptoide also has a Multi-Stage Malware Scanning Antivirus that Scans the APPS before Uploading or downloading on its server. The APPS will malware are trashed into a sandbox. So, the Apps you see in the store are all safe and malware free.


Ap toide APK is a freeware substitute of the google play store and APPLE Store. The contains a huge database of Premium and Free APPS. You can find apps that are not available anywhere on Ap toide. The App supports all the platforms and all popular devices.

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