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Appvn Apk

Appvn Apk Download Latest Version Free For Android, iOS and PC: AppVn APK 2019 Latest, is free to download and install Appstore for Hacked, Mod and original games. You can either download the MOD Hack Version or the official version of the same app totally free online. Appvn Apk Download is available for Android, iOS, PC, Laptop, windows, iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

You can download latest and newly released Apk files for free with AppVn APK. Some app developers don’t release their new apps on Apple and Google play-store anymore, due to their strict policies. So, they release their apps on platforms like Appvn, AcMarket, Aptoide, etc.,


Appvn Apk presents the Apk and data file of the most famous game like Pubg mobile, Minecraft Pocket Edition, King root, and Lucky Patcher. The apps run smoothly on tablets and Android Phones. The download process is very simple. It doesn’t require going through Popup Ads or waiting times.

The App has a large variety of apps and games that are very useful for a wide range of users. The apps are also very easy to install. You can search your favorite app from the search bar or you can explore and browse apps by categories. The interface of the app and website is clean and very pleasing to interact with.

Updating and installing games is also convenient. The App provides one-click installation of apps and games. Apk downloading is resume-able and very fast. You can get paid apps and games for free, with monthly updates of the latest hack and cheats of your favorite games.

Appvn ApkPure APK and Games, Lucky Patcher, Kingroot, Uptodown, Gta-5 2019

Apps like Lucky Patcher, Kingroot, Uptodown, Apkpure and other games like clash Royale, NBA 2k19 MOD, can be readily downloaded with Appvn Apk for Android and iOS. These apps are not available in Playstore of Google and Apple. So, if you are facing the issue of not finding your desired apps, you can surely find them on Appvn.

Features of the Appvn Hacked Apps and Games APK

  • Most people complain about performing root access and JB on their devices prior to installing the hacked Apk’s. On AppVn, the apps are pre-hacked and modded with Data file included. So, the installation process is fairly simple with just one click install method. There is no need for changing any default device settings.
  • Paid Apps and games cannot be downloaded from the Apple and google play store. The same can be said of the Freemium Apps, which are pay to play. I mean, you have to buy in-app purchases to play those games without any wait times. Appvn release those paid and Freemium apps for free on their website and app. The Apps supports android Phones, Tablets, iOS, iPhone and iPad.
  • The app is available in multiple languages. The default language is English but you can change it to your desired language.
  • Modern App stores like Appvn, understand the users need for a lightweight and simple Appstore that doesn’t affect their device’s performance and usability experience. When an app is less heavy on system resources, it consumes less battery life. The app is only 12 MB, which is way lighter, then apple and google play-store, which are always running in the background, compromising your mobile data and battery optimization.
  • The apps UI experience is very lean and refreshing. Navigating apps relating to business, tools, entertainment, etc., from the category menu is super easy.

How to install AppVn on Android, iOS without Root or JB

  • First make sure you have a stable internet connection and a storage space of at least 100 MB.
  • Now download the IPA and APK file Android and iOS from the following link
  • Check the option trust “AppVn” from your device’s settings menu.
  • Now open the file you downloaded earlier and select your preferred language.
  • Wait for the installation, once you are finished, you will be able to run Hacked and Cracked MOD games without root or JB.

Is Appvn Safe to Use?

We have been using google and apple store, the moment we got a new smartphone. We have been using them for so long that we feel a little insecure when we download the app from external sources. But as Edward Snowden revealed in his press releases that all of our data is collected by google and apple. They store the data forever to track us and to know about our activities.

Besides collecting data, these stores have a lot of free apps that are filled with ads and Popups. The apps that are free from these annoying factors are very expensive to buy and are usually not worth in the long run. Appvn, acmarket and aptoide are appstores, that doesn’t collect your data. I am saying this because the apps don’t require any registration or sign-ups.

Appvn iOS Download

The apps are signature verified and malware scanned during the uploading process. A large variety of apps are available; ranging from free Ad-free games to hacked and Mod Apk’s. Some Premium and Exclusive apps with in-app purchases are also available.

These apps are not available on google play-store as the developers are tired of the Google and Apple stores fewer profit margins and restrictive rules. I think this is why apps are getting expensive day by day. This not the case on Appvn and aptoide, as the purchases are very affordable and app prices are stable.


We discussed the latest and secure app store Appvn. The Appstore has a clean look and interface that doesn’t put load on any smartphone. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, PC, IPAD, iPhone and Mac. The store lists the apps by famous categories. Latest app releases and updated apps are listed in a separate section. If you are looking for the most trending and popular games and apps, you can check the respective section in the appvn app.

If you have any question related to Appvn, comment below and we will help you.

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